Prospective Students

Program Mission Statement

The Program’s mission is to provide a deep, broad, challenging education, beyond the acquisition of information and marketable skills, encouraging the desire for understanding and the quest for enduring values.

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Shaping the Profession

This entry-level degree program is designed for individuals seeking a career in physical therapy.

The DPT program is guided by the institutional principle that professional education is university education. The acquisition of knowledge and marketable skills is important, but far more vital is an understanding of science, the art and the ethic within which both knowledge and skills are applied.

We are a nationally ranked program. Come study at one of the oldest programs in the country that is part of a world-renowned university on a campus that houses cutting-edge medical and research facilities.

Maintaining Tradition

The Program in Physical Therapy is known and respected for:

  • Its reputation for graduating highly-qualified clinicians
  • Its faculty and the breadth and depth of their teaching and research expertise
  • The medical center clinicians, academicians, scholars, and adjunct faculty who serve as role models and mentors in specialty areas of practice
  • Its innovative curriculum
  • The quality and wide reach of its clinical affiliation network, a website that provides information about health care careers, has listed the DPT program as a Best Value Doctor of Physical Therapy program for 2019-2020