Transforming Medicine Through Innovative Basic Science Research and Collaboration

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The Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons is dedicated to integrating research, education, and patient care to bring the latest scientific breakthroughs to the clinic. Research is performed by world-class faculty in each of our departments and centers, enabling research and collaborations to span across the basic biomedical sciences as well as clinical practice.

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P&S Statistics for 2018

  • 789
    NIH awards (FY18)
  • 407
    NIH research support (FY18, in millions)
  • 261
    Basic Science Faculty
  • 1826
    Clinical Faculty
  • 3
    Nobel Laureates
  • 22
    National Academy of Sciences Members
  • 48
    National Academy of Medicine Members
  • 26
    American Academy of Arts & Sciences Members
  • 7
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Current Investigators
  • 2
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Faculty Scholars
  • 8
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Alumni
  • 545
    Postdoctoral researchers
  • 116
    MD/PhD students
  • 643
    MD students
  • 393
    PhD students
  • 43
    Core Facilities
  • 19
    Shared Facilities

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