Policy on Confidentiality of Student Educational Records

Medical student educational records are deemed confidential and only made available to medical school faculty and administration with a specific educational interest or when a student provides consent. Faculty and administrators who have full direct access to student records include the following:

  • Dean
  • Vice Dean for Education
  • Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
  • Senior Associate Dean for Admissions
  • Associate Dean for Curriculum
  • Associate Dean for Student Research
  • Advisory Deans
  • Director of Student Services
  • Managers of Curriculum
  • Executive assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Center for Educational Research and Evaluation staff

Additional members of the faculty or administration, who are asked to provide letters of recommendation, are provided access to a student’s educational record only with the written permission of the student, sent to the Director of Student Services.

P&S uses a suite of online tools (e.g., OASIS, ExamSoft, B-line, Qualtrics, iSeek) to manage the curriculum, assessments and student data. Permissions to access student data in these systems are set by the Office of Education on a need-to-know basis, most commonly limited by course, clerkship or phase of the curriculum. Each of these systems has been reviewed by and meet the requirements of the security protocols established by CUMC Information Technology and CU Information Technology.

Official transcripts are maintained by the Registrar of Columbia University.

Student educational records do not contain any student medical records. These are maintained independently by the Columbia University Medical Center Student Health Service.

View the Records Authorization Form (PDF).

Revised 2/15/18