Layoff and Severance

Full-time officers of research, with the exception of those appointed as postdoctoral research and clinical fellows, are eligible for severance. Part-time officers of research are not entitled to layoff allowances.

Full-time officers with less than five years’ service do not receive a layoff allowance when there is an interruption in salary. They are, however, placed on a leave “for lapse of funding” without salary and may continue to participate in the University’s medical, life insurance, and long-term disability plans, at no cost to themselves, until the end of the stated term of appointment.

Once an officer holding an appointment as an associate research scientist/scholar, research scientist/scholar, senior research scientist/scholar, staff associate, or senior staff associate has accumulated five continuous years of compensated, full-time, non-instructional service, the University will provide a layoff allowance when the individual’s association with the University ends as a result of a sudden and unexpected loss of funding. For additional information, visit Officers of Research Layoff.