Reciprocal Appointment

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center supports the collaboration between departments at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and those at Weill Cornell Medicine. In order that faculty may care for patients, provide instruction or collaborate on research activities at the other institution, the faculty member must receive a 'reciprocal' appointment.

Reciprocal appointments will only be approved when a need exists which is met by the special and unique qualifications/skills of the proposed faculty member, which must be clearly delineated in the documentation. A minimum of sixty (60) days is required to process a reciprocal appointment.

Following the submission of the required documentation from the HOME institution to the HOST institutions’ Faculty Affairs Office for review, the Reciprocal Appointment Application Forms are signed off by the respective institutions’ Deans for Clinical Affairs approving the reciprocal appointment.

Request for appointment at or above the Associate Professor rank it will be brought to the appropriate COAP/COR Committee for review. Dossiers from the Home Institution will be provided to expedite the process

The individual receiving the reciprocal appointment is notified in writing of the approval by the HOST institution.

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