Equipment Exchange

The VP&S Office for Research has created an equipment exchange website to facilitate the re-use of laboratory equipment and office furniture that would otherwise be discarded. We encourage VP&S laboratories and departments to post items that they no longer need. We hope that this service allows equipment to see more use, and prevents labs from purchasing items that are already be available on campus.

We have named the exchange “Mao’s List” in honor of Dr. Yinghui Mao, Assistant Dean in Graduate Affairs, who initiated the planning for this tool.

How to view and post items

Use the link below to access Mao's List. Currently, you must be on the CUIMC network (via Ethernet, using Mercury, or via VPN) to access Mao's List.

  • Mao's List can be browsed without any registration required. If you are interested in an item, click on the item name and use the listed contact email to find out more information.
  • To post items, you will need to establish a user profile using your UNI and Columbia email address on the Mao's List website, which can be accessed below.

Important information about transferring items

As a reminder:

  • You must have the permission of your PI/Office as well as your Department to exchange items.
  • Laboratory equipment must be cleared by Environmental Health and Safety before it can be moved across campus.
  • If you move items that have CU property stickers, you must complete an Equipment Inventory Adjustment Form.
  • Any financial transactions involved in transferring items require Departmental approval, and are not managed using Mao's List.
  • Please contact us with any questions about Mao's List or approval processes.


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