S10 Grants

The NIH Office of Research Infrastructure Programs funds S10 grant programs on an annual basis (proposals are usually due in May) to support the acquisition of scientific instruments that will support NIH-funded research programs. The scientific instrumentation to be acquired must provide a clear benefit to existing NIH-funded research programs, and must be intended for shared use by at least 3 investigators. S10 grants do not provide funding for indirect costs; however, there must be clear documentation and plans for long-term institutional support for acquired instrumentation. For these and other reasons, S10 grants are an ideal funding source to acquire new instrumentation to be placed within core facilities.

FOAs and Frequently Asked Questions

There are several other requirements for S10 programs, including restrictions on S10 funding for equipment that is currently leased, etc. Clarification on these issues can be found within the individual RFAs and in a collection of Frequently Asked Questions compiled by NIH.

2019 Funding Opportunity Announcements:

Limited Submission Procedure

NIH accepts only one application to the S10 Shared Instrumentation for Animal Research program per institution (as identified by the DUNS number) each year. Therefore, the Office of Research Initiatives requires potential applicants to submit an internal application prior to the NIH deadline. Applications will be reviewed, and if multiple applications for each DUNS are received, a single candidate will be selected. Please see the Office of Research Initiatives website for current deadlines, application requirements, and information on the selection process.

Although NIH allows institutions to submit multiple S10 Shared/High-End Instrumentation applications, the submitted proposals cannot request support for the same or highly similar instruments. For this reason, the Office of Research Initiatives also requires internal applications to be submitted for the S10 Shared/High-End Instrumentation grants prior to the NIH deadline so that any duplicative proposals can be internally coordinated.

The Office of Research Initiatives will also provide applicants with information required for supporting tables documenting the status of instruments obtained via prior S10 awards to Columbia.

Help with Proposals

The VP&S Office for Research has compiled recommendations for preparing S10 proposals.

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The VP&S Office for Research can also help identify potential user groups, successful S10 grant applicants, and sources of institutional support for S10 grant proposals to purchase/upgrade equipment for VP&S core facilities. Please contact the Office for Research for more information.

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