High Efficiency Freezers

Ultra-low temperature (-80°C) freezers are utilized by most scientific research laboratories and are essential for the storage of reagents, clinical biospecimens, and other materials. They are also one of the most energy-intensive pieces of equipment utilized in laboratories.  In addition to directly consuming high amounts of electricity, -80°C freezers generate large amounts of heat that burden air conditioning and exhaust systems.  This is particularly true of older -80°C models:

  • A typical -80°C that is 7 years of age or older requires 20-32 kWh/day in energy to run (as much as the average NY household)
  • Older -80°Cs produce approximately 3000 BTU/hr in heat (equivalent to running a small space heater 24 hours per day)
  • New, energy efficient -80°C models utilize over 66% less energy and generate heat at levels less than 50% of the -80°Cs 7 years of age and older

New high-efficiency -80°C freezers are on the market that draw a third of the energy and produce less than half the heat.  The ability to now replace old -80°C freezers with new high-efficiency models presents an important opportunity to move CUIMC toward its sustainability goals, as well as better safeguard the contents of the freezer through onboard monitoring systems and reduce repair costs.

Required -80°C Models for New Purchases

Considering the enormous benefits of high-efficiency -80°C freezers, and to create more uniformity in our freezer fleet, CUIMC now only allows the purchase of two high-efficiency -80°C models (see policy), both of which come equipped with the approved onboard freezer monitoring system from Lab Alert. The selection of the allowed models was based on multiple published reports by the Department of Energy and other scientific research institutions.  Criteria used in the selection process included energy efficiency, product performance, mechanical reliability, and cost.

Columbia Procurement has negotiated for competitive, discounted pricing for the two highly efficient -80°C models, the 26 cu. ft. PHCbi VIP ECO high-efficiency -80°C and the 28.8 cu. ft. Thermo Scientific TSX Series high-efficiency -80°C.  Laboratories can take advantage of the discounted prices by referencing the quotes provided below.  If desired, quotes for a smaller and larger high-efficiency model have also been made available.  If you are replacing a -80°C freezer, please visit the Freezer Exchange Program page to see if you qualify for rebates.  If you are replacing a failed freezer, let the vendor know so they can work with you to ensure the replacement occurs as quickly as possible.  


View PHCbi VIP ECO Quote
PHCbi VIP ECO smaller model

VWR Contact: Timothy Curran [timothy.curran@vwr.com or call (585) 755-8663]


View Thermo Scientific TSX Quote
Thermo TSX Larger Model Quote

Thermo Contact: Heather Hanna [heather.hanna@thermofisher.com or call (201) 208-3325]