High Efficiency Freezers

Ultra-low temperature (-80°C) freezers are utilized by most scientific research laboratories and are essential for the storage of reagents, clinical biospecimens, and other materials. They are also one of the most energy-intensive pieces of equipment utilized in laboratories.  In addition to directly consuming high amounts of electricity, -80°C freezers also reject large amounts of heat that burden air conditioning and exhaust systems.  This is particularly true of older -80°C models:

  • A typical -80°C that is 7 years of age or older requires 20-32 kWh/day in energy to run (as much as the average NY household)
  • Older -80°Cs produce approximately 3000 BTU/hr in heat (equivalent to running a small space heater 24 hours per day)
  • New, energy efficient -80°C models utilize over 66% less energy and generate heat at levels less than 50% of the -80°Cs 7 years of age and older

Preferred -80°C Model

Based on these data, the VP&S Office for Research is encouraging PIs to purchase energy-efficient -80°C models when replacing old -80°C units or making additions to their freezer inventory. To assist with this process, Columbia Procurement has negotiated for a competitive, discounted price to purchase a preferred, highly-efficient -80°C model. Product information about this high-efficiency -80°C model can be found here.  Published performance data comparing several high-efficiency -80°C models can be found here.  These freezers are also pre-installed with the preferred campus freezer monitoring system. Laboratories can take advantage of the discounted price by referencing the quote provided below.

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