-80°C Freezer Exchange Program

To add incentive for the replacement of aging -80°C freezers with the approved high-efficiency model, Columbia Facilities has negotiated with Consolidated Edison to provide a rebate (roughly 10% of the freezer cost) that will be credited to your account after the purchase and removal of the old freezer is verified. Additionally, if you are an investigator in the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, the VP&S Office for Research will match this rebate for the first 25 freezers (≥7y/o) exchanged.  

Please note to be eligible for this program, the freezer must reside on the CUIMC campus in one of the following buildings: P&S, Black, ICRC, Russ Berrie, Lasker, Hammer, or VC.  If your freezer is in a building on the CUIMC campus that is not in the list, please contact us.  For information on the preferred -80°C freezer model, please visit the High-Efficiency Freezer page. 

To participate in the Freezer Exchange, please refer to the following process:

  1. Fill out the Freezer Exchange Program application in InfoReady. If you prefer to have the application filled out by a proxy, please find the instructions for doing so on the application home page.  Once the application has been submitted with all required information, CUIMC Facilities will validate the eligibility of the old freezer within 5 business days.   
  2. You will then be contacted that your application has been "selected as the awardee", along with the rebate total. After you receive this correspondence, purchase an approved -80°C freezer model and have the old -80°C freezer disposed of through the vendor.  Instructions for setting up the Lab Alert freezer monitoring system can be found here
  3. Upload documentation of the purchase and removal of the new and old freezers as a progress report within the InfoReady application.
  4. Rebates will be applied to the designated chart string as soon as payment is received from Consolidated Edison. It may take up to several months for the receipt of this check.