-80°C Freezers

Ultra-low temperature freezers, commonly referred to as -80°C freezers, are often used to store irreplaceable samples and reagents that are necessary for biomedical research. Proper maintenance is required to keep -80°C freezers running at their set temperature. In the event of failure, it is often essential that samples are immediately transferred to a backup unit to prevent them from degrading.

Recognizing the critical nature of -80°C freezers, the VP&S Office for Research has worked with CU Procurement, CUIMC IT, and CUIMC Facilities to offer several -80°C support programs for VP&S investigators.

Remote Freezer Monitoring

VP&S Research has worked with CUIMC IT and Procurement to provide easy access to a freezer monitoring system for CU researchers at greatly reduced cost.

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Freezer Exchange Program

To add incentive for the replacement of aging -80°C freezers with the preferred high-efficiency model, Columbia Facilities has negotiated with Consolidated Edison to provide a rebate (roughly 10% of the freezer cost) that will be credited to your account after the purchase and removal of the old freezer is verified. If you are an investigator in the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, the VP&S Office for Research will also match this rebate for the first 25 freezers (≥7 y/o) exchanged.

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Emergency Backup Freezers

CUIMC maintains upright, shelved -80°C freezers that are available for the research community to use during a freezer failure while their lab freezer is being repaired or replaced.

Access CUIMC Emergency Backup Freezers

High Efficiency Freezers

-80°C freezers place large energy and cooling burdens on campus infrastructure. Columbia has obtained discounted pricing for a highly energy-efficient -80°C model to enable researchers to reduce their laboratory energy usage and assist our campus sustainability efforts.

View information about high-efficiency -80°Cs

Freezer Maintenance and Repair

Proper freezer maintenance will add life to your freezer, save time spent searching for contents, and reduce energy consumption.  When repairs are needed, using the Columbia preferred vendor will expedite the process so your freezer will be returned and functioning as quickly as possible.

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If a Freezer Fails

  • VP&S maintains several emergency freezers which can be used to store research materials until the failing freezer can be repaired. Details on utilizing these emergency freezers are available on our website.
  • To expedite repair of failed freezers, it is recommended that PIs contact A&L Scientific (either directly or through Fisher Scientific), as POs generated from these vendors will receive expedited approval from the Purchasing Office.
  • Alternatively, if a PI wishes to replace the failed freezer, the Office for Research is promoting the Freezer Exchange Program that includes a promotional discount for an approved high efficiency freezer (including the Lab Alert monitoring system) and rebate opportunities.