-80°C Freezers

Ultra-low temperature freezers, commonly referred to as -80°C freezers, are often used to store irreplaceable samples and reagents that are necessary for biomedical research. Proper maintenance is required to keep -80°C freezers running at their set temperature. In the event of failure, it is often essential that samples are immediately transferred to a backup unit to prevent them from degrading.

Recognizing the critical nature of -80°C freezers, the VP&S Office for Research has worked with CU Procurement, CUIMC IT, and CUIMC Facilities to offer several -80°C support programs for VP&S investigators.

Remote Freezer Monitoring

VP&S Research has worked with CUIMC IT and Procurement to provide easy access to a freezer monitoring system for CU researchers at greatly reduced cost.

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Emergency Backup Freezers

CUIMC maintains upright, shelved -80°C freezers that are available for the research community to use during a freezer failure while their lab freezer is being repaired or replaced.

Access CUIMC Emergency Backup Freezers

High Efficiency Freezers

-80°C freezers place large energy and cooling burdens on campus infrastructure. Columbia has obtained discounted pricing for a highly energy-efficient -80°C model to enable researchers to reduce their laboratory energy usage and assist our campus sustainability efforts.

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