P&S Club

P&S Club

The P&S Club is the most comprehensive student activities organization in American medical education. Founded by Nobel Peace Laureate John R. Mott in 1894, the club currently sponsors over 70 co-curricular and extracurricular organizations. These organizations represent the vast interests and talents of our medical students, including athletics, the performing arts, student advocacy, and community service. The club’s fluid nature allows new activities to arise as medical students’ interests evolve. The P&S Club adds substantial depth to our medical education program that is otherwise devoted to scientific and clinical disciplines.

Why Join the P&S Club?

Many students become involved in clubs or organizations during medical school at Columbia. Through their participation, they engage with their peers, the Columbia community, and society at large. Studies show that involvement in campus activities:

  • Builds community outside of the classroom, on campus, in the community, and as a professional.
  • Creates lifelong friendships.
  • Increases interaction with faculty and staff.
  • Enhances personal leadership, teamwork, and time management skills.
  • Clarifies personal and career goals.
  • Develops transitional work experience.
  • Plays an integral role in shaping the academic and social aspects of student life.

For more information, visit the P&S Club website.