Admissions Requirements

Full-time students are admitted to the program, which starts in the fall semester of each year. The program invites applications from individuals who have or will have received by the time of enrollment a baccalaureate degree granted by a college or university of recognized standing.

The minimum prerequisites for admission include the following coursework:

Basic Sciences: General Biology (8 credits)

2 courses with laboratory
Applicants whose institution is on a quarter system must take a three-part course sequence or three distinct courses.

Anatomy & Physiology (6–8 credits)

Two separate and distinct courses or two semesters of combined Anatomy & Physiology I and II. Lab is not required but preferred.

Upper Divisional Biology (3–4 credits)

300–400 level course designated for junior-senior standing.
Kinesiology and Exercise Science majors can use an Exercise Physiology, Motor Control or Motor Learning course to fulfill this prerequisite.
All other undergraduates majors or students fulfilling prerequisites as post-baccalaureate candidates must take this course through an appropriate science department.

General Chemistry (8 credits)

Two courses with laboratory

General Physics (8 credits)

Two courses with laboratory

Behavioral Sciences: Psychology (6 credits)

No preference as to which psychology courses taken

Mathematical or Statistics (3 credits)

Business or Economics statistics does not fulfill this requirement

Humanities & Social Sciences

Five courses which cover a broad range of subjects that most institutions require as partial fulfillment of the baccalaureate degree. Courses may include, but are not limited to: anthropology, communications, history, law, political science, economics, government, psychology, sociology, classics, literature, philosophy, religion, art history.

Standardized Tests

GRE: General Aptitude portion which includes verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing.
Learn more about the GRE.
Columbia University Code: 7745 GRE Code for PT: 0619

TOEFL: Required for international students who have graduated from a college or university where English was not the language of instruction.
Learn more about the TOEFL examination.

Columbia University English Placement Test: Can be substituted for the TOEFL.
Learn more about Columbia's English Placement Test.

Volunteer or Work-Related Experience

Minimum 75 hours, which can be completed at one facility or a combination of practice environments.

Letters of Recommendation

Two from academic sources
One from a physical therapist
It is recommended that an applicant still in school to earn a baccalaureate degree use a professor in his/her major as one of the academic references.

Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & First Aid

Copies of the certificates can be scanned and sent directly to the program c/o Mrs. Cynthia Worthington, admissions coordinator, at


Sent directly to the program as an email attachment. Emails should be sent to Mrs. Worthington at the email address above.


Required if found to be competitive for admissions consideration

At least 14 of the 17 prerequisite courses outlined above should be completed at the time of application. It is strongly recommended that all the biological science courses be completed by the December application deadline date.

Advanced placement credit cannot be used to fulfill prerequisite course work. The courses waived based on advanced credit do not need to be repeated, but supplemental courses need to be taken. For example, advanced placement credit for Biology I and II can be fulfilled by taking any two biology courses, such as Microbiology, Genetics, etc.

Applicants wishing to complete prerequisite courses online must have approval by the program's admissions committee prior to enrollment.