Clinical Education and Affiliation Sites

The Program in Physical Therapy has a long and strong history of comprehensive clinical education and currently has contracts with approximately 800 clinical sites across the United States and abroad that represent the following range of clinical settings to which students are assigned. It should be noted that the number and types of affiliations vary on a yearly basis depending on the level of affiliation (1st, 2nd, and terminal) and the staffing patterns at a particular clinical site.

  • Hospitals: acute care, sub-acute, ICU/critical care
  • Out-patient clinics or offices
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities (SNF): long-term/extended care and acute
  • Home care
  • Schools: preschool, primary and secondary
  • Hospices
  • Corporate or industrial health centers
  • Industrial, workplace or other occupational environments
  • Athletic facilities: collegiate, amateur and professional
  • Fitness centers and sports training facilities

Clinical education experiences are planned to reflect the above variety of practice settings and experiences. Students are required to complete clinical experiences in which they manage patients with health care needs at various levels of acuity and in different clinical environments, while interacting with various compositions of health care teams. For Clinical Education I and II students are assigned to two different clinical environments to work with a broad array of patients/clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The Clinical Experience will allow students to gain clinical expertise in the student's area of interest; orthopedics, adult neuro-rehabilitation, pediatrics or cardiopulmonary physical therapy.

The listing below is not inclusive and sites vary year to year depending on staffing patterns and other factors associated with the ever-changing health care environment. Some sites are offered for every clinical experience; others, more specialized in nature, may only be available for Clinical Education II and/or the terminal experience. The Directors of Clinical Education are receptive to working with students to develop new affiliation sites to meet students’ needs and interests either geographically or in a specialty of practice.

Learn more about our Clinical Education program from our Clinical Education Manual.

See our worldwide clinical affiliation sites: