What does Columbia look for?

The primary requirement for admission into the DPT program is the applicant's ability to successfully complete the three-year curriculum, as judged by the program's admissions committee. Applicants who are admitted into the program have strong academic records as evidenced by their cumulative and science grade point averages, their breadth and depth of science background, and their demonstrated consistency of undergraduate academic performance. A firm and clear commitment to physical therapy is another criterion for admission as manifested by work or volunteer experience. Qualities such as maturity and effective interpersonal relationships, as ascertained from the letters of recommendation and the personal interview, are important admissions criteria.

An applicant who receives a provisional acceptance on the basis of coursework still in progress must satisfactorily complete all outstanding courses prior to matriculation. All students must submit a final transcript that indicates the receipt of the baccalaureate degree.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program reserves the right to rescind an acceptance offer if the above are not completed by the start of program classes.

Columbia University is a private university. No preference is given to in-state versus out-of-state residents. Every applicant is considered individually with regard to suitability for graduate study and expectation of scholarly attainment.