Admissions Timeline

August 15

September 1-25

December 1

Sept. 1-Dec.  15

January 1

January 15

Early decision PTCAS application deadline Early decision interviews and decisions Regular admissions PTCAS application deadline Interviews conducted Decisions completed Acceptance deposit due


All applicants who meet the minimal prerequisites will be considered on an individual basis. Applicants found to be competitive are invited for an interview, which lasts an entire day. The interview process serves a dual purpose:

  1. It provides a realistic evaluation of eligibility for admission into the program, as it assesses personality, clarity of thought, strength of academic background, quality of related clinical and work experience, and knowledge of the profession.
  2. It gives the applicant an opportunity to learn more about the program's teaching and learning philosophy and to spend time with faculty and enrolled students to appraise the program in terms of meeting personal and professional growth.

During the admission process, the program uses a rolling admissions format and applicants can be notified of their acceptance status within one week post-interview. Interviews begin as early as November but the majority of applicant interviews are held during January and February, on either a Friday or Saturday. A full class is accepted by March 1.


Applicants accepted into the program must notify the program of their intent by the date indicated on the acceptance letter.

This is done by completing an Acceptance Acknowledgement Form and submitting a nonrefundable $1,000 acceptance deposit. The deposit is applied to tuition upon registration only in the class to which the applicant has been accepted.