Current Student Profiles

  • Danielle Mahoney

    Cohort: Spring 2017

    Affiliation: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

    OTD Goals: Develop a therapeutic assessment and intervention protocol for individuals post neurological insult experiencing decreased insight and awareness of deficits.

  • Leslie Kane

    Cohort: Spring 2017

    Affiliation: New York Presbyterian/CUIMC

    OTD Goals: Learn more about the habits and routines of individuals living with SCI in the community in NYC and to develop an assessment tool for assessing readiness for behavioral health change in this group.

  • Stephanie Hui

    Cohort: Fall 2017

    Affiliation: International Academy of Hope (iHope)

    OTD Goals: To create an assessment or intervention that evaluates functional cognition in children with complex needs through the use of assistive technology.

  • Danielle Alonzi

    Cohort: Spring 2018

    Affiliation: Kennedy Children’s Center

    OTD goals: To assess the school readiness of preschool children with autism and developmental disabilities as they transition to kindergarten.

  • Mari Arnaud

    Cohort: Spring 2018

    Affiliation: PS 197

    OTD goals: To help expand the practice area of functional literacy in school-based occupational therapy. To develop OT-based assessments and interventions in functional literacy. To expand awareness of occupational injustice related to literacy rates in the US.

  • Deborah Longest

    Cohort: Spring 2018

    Affiliation: Palisades Rehabilitation Center

    OTD Goals: Facilitate patients’ decision making by linking present behavior with long-term consequences to effect treatment compliance. My plan is to develop an intervention utilizing a device that can be instrumental in changing people's behavior to ameliorate a disease process.

  • Katherine O'Neill

    Cohort: Spring 2018

    Affiliation: GiGi's Playhouse Hillsborough & CommuniKids NJ

    OTD Goals: To enable occupational therapy practitioners to expand their role in facilitating postsecondary transitions for students with intellectual disability

    Headshot of Katherine O'neill.
  • Phyllis Simon

    Cohort: Spring 2018

    Affiliation: Columbia University Programs in Occupational Therapy

    OTD Goals:  Identify the unique needs of the LGBT older adult population and establish and promote the role of OT in formal clinical settings, home based and community practice.

  • Joshua Kotler

    Cohort: Fall 2018

    Affiliation: The Mount Sinai Hospital

    OTD Goals: Become a leader in the field of occupational therapy, specifically in the area of cognition and visual perception. My clinical interests are working with and helping patients who have suffered stroke or TBI. My goals are to teach patients to live more independently at home and in the community.

  • Scott Rushanan

    Cohort: Fall 2018

    Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania Health System

    OTD Goals: Improve my knowledge and clinical skills regarding occupational therapy assessments and interventions for patients with cognitive impairments.

  • Margaret Ruzich

    Cohort: Fall 2018

    Affiliation: Treehouse Pediatric Therapy

    OTD Goals: Expand the body of knowledge related to children with neurological deficits to provide more refined assessment and treatment. 

  • Amanda Lange

    Cohort: Fall 2018

    Affiliation: Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH

    OTD Goals: Highlighting the role of occupational therapy in mental health within unique patient population areas to contribute to improvements in best practice for children and their families.