Class of 2021


Aimee Allworth headshot

Aimee Allworth

Engagement Intern, Care for Kids: Functional Studies in Genetic Research

Aimee is from Seattle, WA, and received a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in bioethics and global health from the University of Washington. After college, she spent a year in Namibia as a science teacher with the United States Peace Corps. Aimee has worked in the genetic testing industry and has experience as a crisis counselor and child-life volunteer. She enjoys the outdoors, recently completing a trip up Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and backpacking through Banff and Jasper National Parks. Aimee is conversant in Spanish and Afrikaans.


Gauri Anand headshot

Gauri Anand

Engagement Intern, From A to Generation Z (adolescents and genetic testing for cardiomyopathies)

Gauri is from Toronto, Canada, and received a bachelor’s degree in both molecular genetics & microbiology and health & disease from the University of Toronto. She is a trained para-counselor and has served as a community coordinator and volunteer with a distress center. Gauri has worked as a genetic counseling assistant at SickKids Hospital and North York General Hospital. Outside of school, she enjoys spending her time swimming and movie watching. Gauri is fluent in Hindi and proficient in French.


Dana Becker headshot

Dana Becker

Dana is from Chicago, IL, and received a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. During college, she became interested in global medicine and participated in a medical service trip to Nicaragua. Before beginning graduate school, Dana worked as an intern in hospital clinical quality and a genetics teaching specialist. She enjoys being with friends and family, outdoor activities, finding new food spots, and traveling. Dana is conversant in Spanish.



Anna Karlsen headshot

Anna Karlsen

Policy Intern, All of Us Research Program

Anna is from Edmonds, WA, and received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Santa Clara University. She is a certified domestic violence advocate and has worked as a crisis counselor at a domestic violence agency. Before beginning graduate school, Anna worked as a healthcare consultant, specializing in hospital billing/coding errors and Medicare reimbursement methodology. She enjoys engaging with nature through hiking and running, as well as contemplating social commentary through stand-up and sketch comedy. Anna is conversant in French and Italian.


Denise Ma headshot

Denise Ma

Steinhardt-Goldman Scholar

Student Liaison, Admission Committee

Denise is from Queens, NY, and received a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in performing and media arts from Cornell University. She has experience as a research coordinator and genetic counseling assistant in neurogenetics. Denise enjoys exploring museums, transforming inspiration into her own handmade clothes. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taishanese, and volunteers extensively in the NYC Chinese community. Denise is also conversant in Spanish.


Bree Martin headshot

Bree Martin

Columbia Precision Medicine Graduate Fellow

Bree is from Los Angeles, CA, and received a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology with a minor in philosophy from UCLA. She has research experience in schizophrenia and has worked as a behavioral interventionist for clients with autism spectrum disorders. Before beginning graduate school, Bree worked as a genetic counseling intern at a metropolitan health center and volunteered for a national suicide prevention hotline. She enjoys swing dancing and songwriting. Bree is proficient in French and conversant in Spanish.


Cecilia Miguel headshot

Cecilia Miguel

Cecilia is from Bellmore, NY, and received a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in bioengineering from Stony Brook University. She has research experience in synthetic biology and has also spent time facilitating early intervention groups. Before beginning graduate school, Cecilia worked as both a physician liaison at an infertility center and a home health aide. She loves living in New York, and enjoys traveling and exercise. Cecilia is proficient in Spanish.



Maya Rawal headshot

Maya Rawal

LEND Fellow

Maya is from Chicago, IL, and received a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology with a minor in music from the University of Pennsylvania. Before beginning graduate school, she worked as a clinical research coordinator in a large metropolitan cancer center. Maya has also worked as a counselor and a board member for a crisis hotline for runaway and homeless youth. She enjoys dancing, going to music concerts and festivals, and traveling to new places. Maya is proficient in Spanish.


Sivan Reytan headshot

Sivan Reytan, MS

Sivan is from Israel and received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a master’s degree in medical genetics from the University of British Columbia. She has experience in research and clinical trials, working in both a public hospital and private industry. Sivan served in the Israeli Medical Corps for two years, promoting appropriate medical care and well-being for hospitalized soldiers and their families. She enjoys playing the piano and exploring New York City by visiting museums and parks. Sivan is fluent in Hebrew.


Connolly Steigerwald headshot

Connolly Steigerwald

Intern, Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network

Connolly is from San Francisco, CA, and received a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. During college, she worked as a peer health counselor, supporting fellow students around alcohol/drug misuse, mental health, and gender-based violence. Connolly has studied abroad in Denmark and Norway, examining the impacts of climate change on arctic ecosystems. She enjoys trying new yoga studios, sharing delicious meals with friends, and listening to live music.


Alexandra Tinfow headshot

Alexandra Tinfow

Intern, Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease​ Research Foundation

Alexandra is from Westfield, NJ, and received a bachelor’s degree in anatomy and cell biology from McGill University where she was a captain of the women’s soccer team. After college, Alexandra worked as a genetic counseling assistant at a maternal-fetal medicine practice and facilitated community grief support groups for children. She was drawn to genetic counseling because it combines teaching, advocacy, counseling, and genetics. Alexandra enjoys running, cooking, and petting any cute dogs in Washington Heights. She is proficient in French.


Sarah Wang headshot

Sarah Wang

Student Liaison, Recruitment Committee

Sarah is from Oakland, CA, and received a bachelor’s degree in public health from the University of California, Berkeley. During college, she volunteered with a student-run free clinic for people experiencing homelessness and her passion for improving access to healthcare was ignited. Sarah has worked at various nonprofits aiming to increase health and wellness for underserved communities, and as a crisis counselor and grief counseling facilitator. She enjoys exploring New York City, trying new food, and practicing painting. Sarah is proficient in Mandarin.