D&I Graduation Requirements

Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) students are required to complete a total of eight elective rotations in order to graduate from P&S. Of the eight total electives,

  • One must be a sub-internship in medicine, pediatrics, or surgery
  • One must be Ready 4 Residency (R4R)
  • Three must be considered clinical
  • Three must be at CUMC or one of its affiliate sites

To illustrate how this works in the Differentiation and Integration (D&I) phase, students can follow this equation:

1 R4R month +
1 sub-internship in medicine, pediatrics, or surgery +
4 months of scholarly project +
2 max interview/vacation months +
6 remaining months of electives =
14 months total of D&I

P&S students are strongly encouraged to audit their schedules by using the Course Requirements Report in OASIS.