Alumni Testimonials

I completed the Medprep program and those three summers instilled and fostered confidence in me, in which I initially came in lacking about myself. Medprep opened up many doors for me and guided me into preparing myself academically and emotionally as a future Latina physician. Overall it gave me the motivation to working hard and going beyond during my years in undergrad. I developed a great mentor/mentee relationship even to this day we still keep in contact, with the head Physician of the Nuclear Cardiology Department during my research placement there. As a mentor, he always made me feel inclusive with the other doctors and fellows while discussing the research and even encouraged me to buy my own lab coat, so I could get a full-on experience onto what it's like to be in the shoes of a leader on medicine and research. Due to the support and guidance from both medical students, faculty, and administrators involved in the program at NERA MedPrep program Columbia University, I feel I am prepared to go into the world of medicine. Thank you for all that you do to increasing and embracing diversity in medicine and instilling confidence in us, it truly means a lot.

Jennifer Glen | MedPrep 2013-2015 | Eastern Nazarene College - Class of 2016

Before the NERA MedPrep program, I knew I wanted to become a doctor but I was unsure of the entire process and was very anxious about applying. During MedPrep, I was provided with the tools and skills needed to prepare for and apply to medical school. Unlike many other programs, MedPrep also gave me supplies and intensive prep for the MCAT! Over the past three summers, I have expanded my network with mentors, doctors, and lifelong friends. My favorite part of this program was attending the many seminars on different medical professions, medical procedures, how to prepare for an interview, how to apply, etc. Not only were the seminars informative, but they were also encouraging. Because of these seminars and the many opportunities that MedPrep provided me, I gained the confidence to continue pursuing my career goal to become a physician. I highly recommend this program because I know that MedPrep will be an amazing experience for others, just as it was for me.

Anna Tay | MedPrep 2014-2016 | The College of Saint Rose - Class of 2016

The NERA MedPrep Program at Columbia University Medical Center is absolutely amazing. Your cohort and the staff becomes a second family. Everyone was so kind and inviting. The lectures and classes that I attended expanded my knowledge and insight into different aspects of medicine. I cannot wait to return next summer to begin Phase 2!

Simone Yhap | MedPrep 2016-2019 | Howard University - Class of 2019

NERA MedPrep is absolutely an outstanding opportunity! I was fortunate to take part in Phase 1 of the program from June to July of 2016. The friends I have made are highly talented, motivating, and above all, amazing. Taking classes taught by unbelievable medical students was a privilege. Guaranteed, you will learn so much in your academic course placements from Day 1. I sincerely feel that the 7 (intense) short weeks of phase 1 not only provided much exposure to the field of medicine, but also helped transform my outlook on it. The cohort had a great amount of seminars and workshops given by medical doctors and professionals that served to be extremely helpful and beneficial. I am deeply humbled and honored to have given the chance to step on the grounds of Columbia University Medical Center, and I would definitely do it all over again.

Tamim Rahman | MedPrep 2016-2019 | City College of NY - Class of 2018

One moment. That’s all it takes. One moment can be symbolic. It is this symbolism that tells you that you are doing something right, and when it starts looking bleak, it is that one moment that you turn back to, reflect on, and dig your heels in, with an assurance that you are worthy and that you are more than capable. My whole experience was crowned by one moment. It was the moment I told my cohort I was to give the closing speech. Seeing the joy, the enthusiasm, and the gracious pride in their eyes was something I will long remember. In that moment, I knew this whole MedPrep thing was as much about them as it was about me. It was humbling, it was inspiring; it highlighted the camaraderie present among us. Right there in that moment, I knew it was symbolic. It symbolized a time that I truly witnessed that no matter what path I choose to take in the future, it will be less about me, and more about others. It gave me hope that I had an entire cohort behind me. It reignited my desire to give it all in all my endeavors. In that moment, I felt like I represent something way bigger than myself. It is a feeling few are blessed to feel. It was all just in one moment. MedPrep provides such a moment to each one of us. A moment that gives a unique meaning to every step we take, and enriches who we are from inside-out. Should I become a health professional or not, this is a moment I will cherish for a very long time. I believe moments like this provide a new layer of foundation to the paths we choose. And I couldn’t have had mine were it not for my being part of the MedPrep Cohort. I owe that moment to my cohort.

Kingsley Osei-Karikari | MedPrep 2016-2019 | City College of NY - Class of 2019