About Us

The Program for Global and Population Health, which provides educational opportunities for students, supports domestic and international summer internships, scholarly projects, clinical elective rotations, and extended research opportunities for students, trainees, and practitioners of medicine, public health, nursing, and dentistry. The program was founded in 1999 and was previously known as the International Family AIDS Program (IFAP). The program was renamed The Program for Global and Population Health to reflect its expanded scope beyond HIV clinical care and practice. The program now provides a variety of clinical and research opportunities domestically and abroad as well as local language and cultural immersion experiences which help students better understand the health care needs of immigrant communities in New York City.

The program is administered within the Department of Pediatrics at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S) and works closely with multiple clinical departments at VP&S as well as with the College of Dental Medicine, Mailman School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of International and Public Affairs, and the Institute of Human Nutrition.


The Program for Global Population Health seeks to support the emergence of a new generation of global and population health leaders through research, education, training, and patient care, both domestically and internationally.


Wherever possible, the Program for Global and Population Health seeks to link students’ international or domestic global health experiences — whether gained through research, patient care, or the acquisition of cultural insight and language skills — in efforts to improve the health care of immigrant populations in the United States.