Programs and Workshops for Women Faculty

​Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society for Women Faculty Workshops and Sponsored Programs

The Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society for Women Faculty offers and sponsors several programs that focus on the needs of women faculty at CUIMC. Ranging from information sessions, interactive workshops to peer-mentoring programs, below are some of the regularly scheduled programs that are offered through the VKF Society for Women Faculty.

Columbia University and Work/Life Office Support


Sponsored by the Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society for Women Faculty featured Carol Hoffman, Associate Provost and Director of Work/Life. The session was a presentation of and discussion of the policies, benefits, services, and programs available to faculty from this University office.

Managing Conflict, Negotiating Differences Workshop


A workshop for women faculty with content nuanced to the special challenges faced by women in leadership roles.

Participants will work through a diagnostic negotiation to help assess current negotiation/conflict resolution skills. A three-stage negotiation process will be utilized to provide a practical approach for the conflict situations often encountered. Included are skills for conflict analysis and planning, dialogue to gain understanding and points of unity, and resolution to creatively transform the conflict. The session will be a blend of theory and practice including presentation, and small and large group interactive exercises and discussion.

Leadership Management Institute for Women Faculty


This Institute was intended to support women faculty in clinical and basic science departments develop leadership and management skills necessary for leadership positions in academic medicine. It taught fundamental concepts of leadership and management and addressed gender nuances in leadership and management roles.

Women in Medicine Networking Event


A networking event for women student and faculty members in the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

VKFS Peer-Mentorship Groups

VKFS Peer-Mentorship Group – Women in the Basic Sciences

A faculty-driven series bringing together junior and senior women basic scientist faculty who develop the agenda

  • Managing Advancement in the Tenure Track
  • Mentorship
  • Research Team Management: Challenges unique to women

VKFS Peer-Mentorship Group – Women Clinical Scientists

  • Agenda development
  • Managing Advancement in the Tenure Track
  • Research Team Management, Mentorship, and Networking

VKFS Peer-Mentorship Group – Women in Cardiology

VKFS Peer-Mentorship Group – Women Educators

Mentoring Sponsorship Opportunities


The Office of Academic Affairs, through the Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society for Women Faculty offers partial funds to full-time women faculty accepted into the AAMC Women Faculty Leadership programs. Learn more about mentorship opportunities.

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