Additional Resources

Please visit this page regularly for updates on materials pertaining to appointments and advancement for CUIMC faculty.

"At CUMC" Track

Rationale for the CUIMC Academic Tracks/Titles

Guidelines for Faculty for the "At CUMC" Title Track

FoM COAP - Checklist for Promotion Dossiers on the "At CUMC" title track

Support for Consideration and Development of Teaching Activities

Scholarly Areas of Focus for the "At CUMC" Track

Criteria for Advancement by Rank

Promotion Process for Faculty with the "At CUMC" Title

Area of Focus Self-Assessment Tool for CUIMC Faculty

Academic Tracks Educational Requirements - All Titles

Educational Scholarship/ Leadership Focus Criteria for Advancement

Guidance for Developing your Personal Statement

Part-Time Pathways:

Prefix Pathway - Applied Healthcare and Public Health Sciences

Suffix Pathway - Investigator or Education Pedagogy and Leadership


Criteria Needed for Advancement on theĀ Tenure Track

Promotion Process for Tenure-Track Faculty

Faculty of Medicine Appointments and Promotion

Columbia University Faculty Handbook

Principles and Customs Governing the Procedures of Ad Hoc Committees and University-Wide Tenure Review

General resources and tools:


Columbia University Guide to Best Practices in Faculty Mentoring

Office of Faculty Professional Development, Diversity and Inclusion at CUIMC

Office of Faculty Affairs

International Scholars and Students Office - CUIMC

Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning

Center for Education Research and Evaluation

Office of the Executive Vice President for Research

Sponsored Projects

Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion