Short-Term Visitors

Short-Term Visitors may include high school students, visiting undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, and other observers (who observe, but do not practice, research or clinical techniques or processes) or trainees (who receive training in research or clinical techniques or processes, including practice with appropriate supervision).

Short-Term Visitors may not be compensated. In some special instances, with authorization, visitors may receive a sponsored internship stipend, such as the National Institutes of Health Supplements Providing Summer Research Experiences for Students and Science Educators.

Visitors may not perform work that would otherwise be performed by University employees and their services may not be considered compensable work. Visitors who do work that is of benefit to the University and that otherwise would be performed by employees of the University may be considered entitled to wages by the U.S. or New York State Department of Labor.

Short-Term Visitors are required to register with the appropriate office of the University prior to their arrival by completing the attached “Visitor Registration Form.” The form must clearly state the purpose for which the visitor is coming to the University, the activities in which he or she will be engaged while at the University, and the anticipated length of his or her visit. It must be signed by the visitor, reviewed by the departmental administrator in the relevant department, school, institute or center, and countersigned by the person sponsoring the individual, the applicable department chair, director, and dean or executive vice president.

Once the applicable Human Resources Office has approved the form, the sponsoring department can arrange for the individual to obtain a temporary identification card from the Office of Public Safety. The identification card must be collected upon the completion of the assignment.

At CUIMC, the form should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs for approval, who will then submit it to the CUIMC Human Resources Office for confirmation that any necessary or applicable medical clearance and background checks are completed. All CUIMC visitors must complete the attached CUIMC Confidentiality Agreement. HIPAA online training is required for any visitor with access to clinical information, patients or research subjects. It is the responsibility of sponsoring investigators and departmental administrators to ensure that all visitors: (1) have received the necessary training and/or approvals in the following areas; and (2) comply with all relevant University rules and policies during their stay.

Prior to beginning any assignment, all CUIMC visitors who are subject to Joint Commission mandates must comply with the CUIMC’s drug screening/background check guidelines as well as the medical surveillance protocols. Such visitors may also be required to fulfill additional requirements under NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) policies and procedures.

It’s important to note that physicians, dentists, doctors of philosophy (PhD) or medical residents who are clinical practitioners from other healthcare institutions and wish to visit NYPH for an informal training and educational experience must apply to the NYPH Clinical Observership Program.

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