2 - Promotions, Title Changes, and Renewals


This section covers the transactions of promotions, title changes, and renewals for officers of instruction and research, as follows:

2-1 Promotion, Title Change, or Renewal of OOIs and OORs at Junior Ranks

2-2 Promotion of Non-Tenured OOIs and OORs at Advanced Ranks

2-3 Promotion of Tenured OOIs

2-4 Postdoctoral Officer of Research 4th and 5th Year Extension

For information about transacting a rehire, which is when an individual who was previously employed by the University is returning to work at the University, see 3 - Rehires.

For information about transacting a joint or interdisciplinary appointment for an officer currently employed by the University, see 1-6 Joint/Interdisciplinary Appointment.


CU Action and Reason Codes for Personnel Transactions


CU Completing a Personnel Action Form (PAF) - Job Aid

CU Faculty Handbook

CUIMC Faculty of Medicine COAP Checklist

CUIMC Joint/Interdisciplinary Appointments and MOA Guidelines

CU RAPS/AA Policies and Tools

CUIMC Sample Letter to Referees for Promotions in the "at CUMC" Academic Tracks

CUIMC Title Structure