Officers of instruction and research do not automatically retire from the University. The decision to retire rests solely with the officer. Officers should inform the department of their intent to retire as far in advance as possible to allow for proper planning and smooth transitions.

Early and Normal Retirement

Officers may retire after 10 years of full-time service with a minimum age of 55. Retirement between the ages of 55 and 64 are considered an early retirement, and retirement at the age of 65 or later are normal retirements.

Retiring officers of instruction may be appointed as Special Lecturers to offer instruction on a part-time basis after their retirement.

Phased Retirement

In some circumstances, the University may negotiate a retirement agreement with an officer of instruction or research in which the officer phases his/her retirement over a period of time and opts to work a reduced number of hours while maintaining full benefits, with the final phase being full retirement. This is considered a Phased Retirement Agreement.

Emeritus/Emerita Designation

Officers of instruction who retire at the professor rank may be given the emeritus/emerita designation by the Trustees of the University after they retire. Officers retiring with other titles are not eligible for the emeritus/emerita designation.


CU Faculty Handbook