Letters of Non-Renewal

Officers of Instruction

A full time non-tenured officer of instruction (OOI) whose appointment will not be renewed beyond its stated term is entitled to clear and unambiguous notice of non-renewal in writing. Such notice may not be contingent upon any subsequent decision regarding the faculty member, such as the outcome of a tenure review or an evaluation for reappointment in a non-tenured rank.


Full time OOIs on tenure track

Full time OOIs not on tenure track

Not Eligible:

OOIs with Tenure or Tenure of Title should never receive LONs

Officers of Research

Officers of research (OOR) should receive written notice of non-renewal 3 months prior to the officer’s appointment end date. The Provost may require that an appointment be extended in the absence of a compelling reason for giving less than 3 months’ notice.


All Full-time OORs regardless of rank or years of service

See the LON guidelines for detailed notice requirement