Expedited Review

New officers of instruction who are to be appointed at advanced rank (associate professor or full professor) should be informed in their offer letter that their rank may be proposed by the department, but must be approved by the Faculty of Medicine (FOM) COAP. Advanced rank can be recommended by an expedited COAP review, but must be followed within six to nine months by a full COAP review.

Prior to the recruit’s start date, The Department Chair submits a written request for expedited review of the proposed advanced rank along with the required documentation (candidate’s CV, referee list, and five (5) publications).

A five-member subcommittee of the FOM COAP is appointed and will evaluate candidates by the most stringent criteria for the requested rank. The recommendation of the Subcommittee is then forwarded to the department.

Departments may not use the expedited review process if there are appointed officers via the expedited review process whose full COAP review has not been completed within the required time period. Officers appointed by the expedited review process can be appointed into the non-tenure “at CUMC” or “on tenure” track. If the officer is appointed by expedited review on tenure track, the department will have 3 years in a research area of focus or 5 years in a clinical area of focus to prepare and present the candidate’s dossier for tenure.