Steering Committee Hears From the Task Forces

April 2012

The strategic planning steering committee met again on April 4 to hear detailed reports from each of the tasks forces, after which there was discussion about establishing priorities for further development and implementation. Task force reports, as well as their respective vision statements, are as follows:

Clinical Care Task Force

Vision: Become the destination location for clinical care by partnering with NYPH.

Key aims and goals include:
• Recruit and retain top clinicians whose eminence drives patient referrals;
• Expand the clinical service area;
• Provide unparalleled patient-centered care, informed by the most innovative research;
• Create the strongest possible partnership to the benefit of both NYPH and P&S.

A key strategy in achieving these goals includes strengthening the clinical practice (ColumbiaDoctors), which will improve patient access and the overall delivery of health care.

Research Task Force

Vision: Be a pioneer and innovator in research.

Key aims and goals include:
• Increase the P&S grant portfolio into the range needed for a Top 5 medical school;
• Apply research advances to improve health and prevent disease;
• Establish and grow synergistic programs across the strengths of P&S and CU.

The task force reinforced an earlier recommendation that campus infrastructure be renovated or newly built to accommodate expanded research initiatives. This is one of the key elements for a successful research enterprise.

Education Task Force

Vision: Be the leading research-based educational center.

Key aims and goals include:
• Produce future leaders in medicine and science;
• Provide facilities, programs and infrastructure commensurate with the stature of the institution.

The Education task force recommended that tactics for strengthening the education program include monitoring the continuing implementation of the new medical school curriculum, as well as developing simulation training to enhance technical problem-solving and team-building skills. There are also recommendations for a growing emphasis on offering dual-degree programs to medical students.

Campus Life Task Force

Vision: Make CUMC a destination campus and a great place to work, live, study, and obtain care.

Key aims and goals include:
• Provide facilities, programs and infrastructure commensurate with the stature of the institution;
• Develop a thriving campus community;
• Sustain and enhance collaboration with other P&S affiliates;
• Become one of the nation’s “best places to work.”

The Campus Life task force detailed the need for a CUMC culture that supports collaboration, professionalism, teamwork, and respect for all faculty, staff, students and trainees. At the same time, affordable housing and support services should be analyzed to ensure that they are meeting the needs of those teaching, learning, and working at P&S.

The steering committee will next meet in May to discuss priorities for implementation.