4-9 Extension of the Up-or-Out Date


Under Section 71c (2) of the University Statutes, the Office of the Provost may stop the tenure clock of nontenured faculty if they assume the primary responsibility for the care of a child less than a year old, even if they do not take a leave of absence for that purpose. An officer is considered the “primary parent” if he/she is a single parent or, where there are two parents, if the other is working full time or is enrolled as a full-time student. Faculty may have the tenure clock stopped in this manner for up to one year of appointment for each of two children.


Department submits the following:

  • Letter from officer to PI/supervisor requesting the change of the up-or-out date and including the child’s date of birth and an attestation that the officer is the primary parent, and with the child’s birth certificate or certificate of adoption attached
  • Letter from chair to Dean requesting the change of the up-or-out date


  • The OFA Representative reviews the request and prepares a cover letter in which the SVP requests the approval of the Office of the Provost.
  • The SVP reviews and, if acceptable, signs the letter.
  • OFA submits the SVP’s signed request to the Office of the Provost indicating that the new up-or-out date has the Dean’s approval. The officer’s request, child's birth certificate or certificate of adoption, and chair’s letter are included.
  • The Office of the Provost sends an approval letter to OFA (and copied to others).
  • OFA sends a copy of the letter to the department faculty affair contact.
  • OFA records the new up-or-out date.


CU Faculty Handbook