4-5 Parental Leave for OOIs


A full-time officer of instruction at CUIMC, if the primary caregiver, may be entitled to parental leave for up to 13 weeks at full salary to care for a newborn, newly adopted child of less than school age, or a disabled child under the age of 18. The period of parental leave must begin within the first year of the birth or adoption of the new child but may continue beyond that year. If the parental leave is not preceded by other periods of leave covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the first 12 weeks are deemed to meet the requirements of that Act. An officer may take childcare leave following parental leave for a combined period of leave of up to one year – see 4-7 Childcare Leave.

Requirements – Part 1

Department submits the following:

  • Letter from officer to PI/supervisor requesting the leave, which should:
    1. Include the start and end dates of the leave
    2. State if the faculty is the primary caregiver or a single parent. Where there are two parents, state if the other is working full-time or is enrolled as a full-time student
    3. State the child’s due date or birth date or, if adopted, both the birth date and date of adoption
    4. If applicable, have the child’s birth certificate or certificate of adoption attached
  • Letter from chair to Dean requesting the leave for the officer, which includes start and end dates

Workflow – Part 1

  • The OFA Representative reviews the request and submits it to the AVP for approval.
  • The AVP reviews and, if acceptable, signs the request.
  • OFA submits the AVP’s signed request to the Office of the Provost indicating that the LOA has the Dean’s approval.
  • The Office of the Provost sends an approval letter to OFA.
  • OFA sends a copy of the Provost approval letter to the department faculty affairs contact.

Requirements – Part 2

Department submits the following:

  • Letter of approval from the Office of the Provost
  • PAF(s) reflecting action/reason codes:
    • PAF#1: For the FMLA portion of the leave: PLA/FPP, and for the paid non-FMLA portion of the leave: PLA/PLP
    • PAF#2: For the unpaid non-FMLA portion of the leave (beyond 13 weeks): LOA/INF
    • PAF#3: For the end of the leave: RFL/LOA (when the employee has returned)

Workflow – Part 2

  • OFA approves the PAF and submits it and the Provost approval letter to CUIMC Payroll for processing.


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