4-3 Sabbatical Leave


Professors and associate professors with tenure or unmodified tenure of title are eligible for a sabbatical leave of one year at half salary or one-half year at full salary after completing 12 terms of full-time teaching in any professorial grade. OFA can assist in the calculation of the sabbatical entitlement.


Department submits the following at least 6 months prior to the sabbatical:

  • Completed Application for Sabbatical Leave of Absence Form signed by the faculty member and department chair
  • Recommended because of space limitations on the form, but not required: A letter from the professor to the chair requesting the leave and specifying the start and end dates of the leave, details of planned activities during the sabbatical, and whether requested at half salary or full salary
  • When the faculty member requesting the sabbatical leave is a department chair, the application should be addressed to the Dean and must include a departmental leadership plan detailing how her/his chair duties will be covered during the sabbatical.
  • Upon receipt of the Office of the Provost approval, a PAF reflecting action/reason codes PLA/SAB


  • The OFA Representative reviews the Application for Sabbatical Leave of Absence and submits it to the Dean for approval.
  • The Dean reviews and, if acceptable, signs the form.
  • OFA sends the approved request to the Office of the Provost for approval.
  • The Office of the Provost sends an approval letter to OFA (and copied to others).
  • OFA sends a copy of the letter to the department faculty affairs contact for their records.
  • Upon receipt of the Office of the Provost approval, the department submits a PAF and attaches the letter of approval from the Office of the Provost.
  • OFA approves and submits the PAF and Provost approval letter to CUIMC Payroll, if salaried, or directly to HRPC, if zero-salaried.


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